Engage, win, and retain customers.

We have 20 years of combined healthcare expertise.
Our team of team of entrepreneurs have deep understanding of the health care startup space.  

 We are not like big corporate consultancy firms, with even bigger price tags. 
We understand the unique challenges growing startups face with limited resources.

Some of our offerings...

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1000X more powerful than "lead generation" companies

You can fully outsource sales & marketing efforts at a fraction of the cost of hiring FTEs 




The Evolution of Healthcare Sales


Gone are the days of hiring large sales teams tasked with "closing deals" by knocking on door or relying on their "network."


We use proprietary, startup-specific best practice combined with the first sales-enablement AI/NLP tool to drive infinitely faster sales cycles  - at a fraction of the cost of more "traditional" models.


Our Clients

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Value Prop Shop elevated our game beyond anything we ever imagined...
The pre-work to engage decision makers resulted in exponentially more meetings at the conference than spending 10X as much last year did!
We didn’t understand the meaning and value of “sales development” until we saw what it did for our pipeline in such a short period of time...