Value Prop Shop: your outsourced marketing team

Gone are the days of hiring exorbitantly expensive "PR" or marketing firms who take a shotgun approach in promoting your business.  We work with clients to make "smart" marketing choices with their limited dollars. 

You aren't selling shoes.  You're selling complex healthcare technology.  You know who your buyers are.  We help you avoid the unnecessary costs of global ads and media work.  And, we provide the man-power of a complete marketing team, powered with AI/NPL to reach 1000X more data points, at a fraction of the cost.

Content Marketing

Content marketing drives 50% more leads into the funnel than outbound "selling."

Our team of physician writers and graphic designers create customized content such as:

This educational content is also disseminated through social media with a cohesive strategy to reach the right audience.  By grabbing buyers' attention with content, we drive them to your social media pages as well as your website. 

Brand Promotion 

We work to create consistent messaging and styling of all client and prospect-facing materials:

Example of table signage

Social Media

Many startups either underestimate the power of Linkedin, Twitter, and other social media platforms for engaging buyers or they simply do not have the time or resources to create an effective strategy with measurable results. 

Using our Artificial Intelligence/NLP software, we can rapidly reach your targeted buyers and create customized messages and content to engage them - at a fraction of the cost of hiring manual resources to execute on these efforts.

Actual client Board slide

Actual client Board slide


A clean, style-consistent website is crucial to your brand and to buyer engagement. 

We build websites that are as simple or complex as your business requires.


Social media video for a conference campaign