Right Market, Right Product?

Building a product without proper market analysis is one of the most common challenges we see with healthcare tech startups.  Understanding the market is hard – regardless of whether or not you are new to healthcare.

We use 10+ years of proprietary data and industry knowledge to identify the competition, define your solution's advantages and disadvantages in order to help you inform company strategy.

Competitive Analysis

It takes entrenchment in both the startup and big corporate worlds, as well as knowledge of end-user workflows, industry variables, and regulatory changes to truly understand and quantify the competitive landscape.  We help clients identify their opportunity and evaluate the competition to inform product decisions and the corporate roadmap

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Before a NewCo becomes a "startup," it's important to calculate the total addressable market for your product.  This helps you identify the various market segments to pursue, assess crowding by competitors, and helps prioritize how you approach them.