Next generation sales is here...

Using our proprietary Artificial Intelligence/NLP technology, we have taken antiquated “lead generation” to a futuristic level. Our tool culls the data at 1000x the speed of manual efforts. It qualifies and find contacts at a fraction of the speed of manual efforts. And its ability to do deep contact analysis to pull relevant content for personalized outreach is not possible using manual resources. It’s the power of 10+ sales development FTEs backed by physician-driven messaging for optimized prospect engagement.

We become your C,V, D-level outsourced sales development team at a fraction of the costs.  No need to invest in software, tools, training, time, and process ramp-up. You don't have to lift a finger - we provide end-to-end execution to get you meetings

The Value Prop Shop team leverages our AI technology, our integrated sales software expertise, our sales specialist teams, our best practice methodology, and our nationally renowned clinical and commercial thought leadership executives.

How it works:

  1. With our proprietary AI/NLP technology, we are able to send personalized emails (an unprecedented feat prior to the ability to generate AI reporting in a matter of seconds) to engage clinical and executive decision makers and influencers at your ideal accounts.

  2. Use of Value Prop Shop's fully populated and scrubbed CRM, our optimally configured content marketing software, licenses to data-base subscriptions, and a variety of other third party apps - to save you thousands of dollars and dozens of hours to implement.

  3. We execute strategic, logic-driven drip campaigns that automatically nurture customer engagement based on their behavior (e.g. open or click through) as well as continuously monitor analytics to continue to optimize the process.