Fully Outsourced Inbound Marketing


We become your C,V, and D-level outsourced marketing team at a fraction of the costs.  No need to invest in software, tools, training, and ramp-up.

Our team of physicians and specialists create a variety of data-driven content drawing from a deep understanding of clinical practice and industry regulatory drivers to engage sophisticated buyers and decision makers.  We also strategically disseminate this content to drive inbound leads for your business.


  1. Physician-written, data-driven. Visit our blogs and client blogs (example 1 & 2.)

  2. Data-driven infographics (scroll through carousel below).

  3. Social media shares of the above content on behalf of your team reaching over 8,000 viewers per post!

  4. Targeted inbound content marketing on relevant social media channels directed at your top targets identified by our AI software at 1000X the time of manual efforts

  5. Stylized, engaging videos for website and social media use, which get the highest engagement rate of all content types! (scroll through carousel below).

  6. Delivery of analytics to show progress, engagement, and for the purposes of a/b testing

Scroll through our infographics, videos, and tear sheets!

Social Media Optimization

You can build all the educational, engaging, and fun content you want, but if the right decision makers and influencers are not in your network, then how will they see it?


We use our proprietary database and workflows powered by our AI/NLP tool to optimize Linkedin and Twitter networks for your prospect and customer-facing team members.  We only populate with C, V, and D-level individuals within your target accounts.

This is done prior to any inbound marketing engagement to ensure that content reaches decision makers and influencers.

As more and more content is generated with time, your network will also grow. You will experience organic grown of decision makers and influencers in your Linkedin and Twitter networks as a result of the strategic inbound content marketing work that typically follows this engagement.


Conferences & Events

Conference identification, selection, vetting, and prioritization based on sales opportunity. 

Learn best practice for all the pre-work required to secure decision maker meetings in advance of events -  as well as best practice for organizing and engaging attendees at sponsored events.

Provide services around physician-written proposal submissions for speaking engagements for your clinical evangelist to present at conferences.


Branding & Collateral

  1. Custom Logo Creation

  2. Customized style guide with font pairings and colors for print and digital

  3. Branded powerpoint or keynote deck templates

  4. Branded templates for proposals and business case

  5. Creation of tear sheets, one-pagers, and flyers, and

  6. White papers

Scroll through collateral examples below: