Fundraising consulting includes:

  1. Fundraising 101:  How to select institution investors, HIT knowledgeable investors, srategic investors, and the pro's & cons of accelerator/incubator options.
  2. Market survey to identify, quantify, and present a summary of competitors along with advantages and disadvantages based on solutions, features, use cases, funding, stage, size, and market penetration.
  3. Assessment of TAM and prioritization of each segment based on revenue opportunity, COGs, and development costs. 
  4. Creating the content and messaging for pitch decks and prospectuses for investor meetings.
  5. Setting up the proper corporate legal structure to enable institutional capital raiseImplementing appropriate founders’ agreements, employee agreements, and other contracts to optimize for current and future fundraise.
  6. Creating optimized company equity plans, capitation tables, determining pre/post valuations and raise amounts.
  7. Selecting appropriate strategic, financial, and nonprofit investors.
  8. Term sheet optimization and negotiations.