Data-Driven ROI 

We provide best practice to create a solid value proposition tied to hard ROI dollars.  Even with little to no customer data, our clients have achieved success by using our methodology to incorporate a defensible ROI story into their sales pitch. 

Years of clinician-led healthcare expertise:

We review your product in detail and tease out all the cost savings and revenue increase opportunities it affords.  Using our proprietary database and methodology and a deep understanding of the variables such as the following:

  1. CMS regulations and reimbursement programs

  2. HIPAA penalty structures

  3. Health system business models and programs including IDNs and ACOs

  4. Reporting criteria tied to revenue

  5. Commercial payor reimbursement models

  6. Efficiency metrics tied to FTE time and dollars in both the inpatient and outpatient settings

  7. Resource dollars and wasteful spending

  8. Top of mind organizational performance improvement initiatives across health systems

  9. Market data around the number, size, and volume metrics for health systems, hospitals, provider groups in the US

  10. Market data around vendor market share in a variety of verticals such as EMRs

  11. Market data around the volume, size, and number of practices within each specialty

  12. Cost of care delivery such as staff time, physician time, and nurse time required for virtually every workflow in healthcare

Pulling & interpreting the right publicly available data

Using data described as described, we begin to marry your product's benefits to cost savings and revenue opportunities that are defensibly tied to each of these types of variables.  We also incorporate any existing client data you may have - although that is not a requirement to create a defensible, projected ROI.

We then begin to pull actual stats from sources such as the following to create mathematical formulas to populate your ROI workbook:

  1. Our proprietary database of sourced stats

  2. Primary literature and studies

  3. Published & Purchased reports

  4. CMS databases

  5. Other government databases

  6. Survey data from years of doing pre/post polling

Value Prop Shop ROI

Use Cases for your ROI

Once this ROI workbook model is put in place and we begin creating the equations for each of cost savings and revenue generating opportunities, we train your team to continue to populate this live document.

The workbook is then used for a variety of purposes:

  1. ROI infographics for general sales and content use

  2. Specific, extrapolated ROIs customized for each prospective customer

  3. A working document that can be populated with real prospect data as you move deeper and deeper into your sales cycle and being creating a customized business case to drive your sale to close.

  4. Success metric tracking with existing customers to create case studies for sales purposes and for white papers

  5. Eventually creating an ROI calculator for your website as a buyer engagement tool and a call to action in outbound prospecting efforts