Deep dive into the following: 

  1. Company history, current status, future
    status, and near-term/long-term goals
  2. Current value proposition and internal/external messaging
  3. Current customer or projected data-driven ROI
  4. Sales operations including:
    • CMR
    • Outbound lead generation
    • Sales cycles, funnel and pipeline management

  5. Outside sales process
  6. Channel partnerships
  7. Pricing and contracting
  8. Content marketing (inbound lead generation)
  9. Social media strategy
  10. Branding / style guide
  11. Conference strategy
  12. Product Management & Roadmap
  13. Engineering/integration process including work with EMRs
  14. Fundraising


The deliverable is a "work for hire" that becomes the property of the client.  It is an in-depth report assessing the above topics. 

It is meant for both strategic consumption by the executive team, as well as a tactical action plan of "to-do's" to meet the recommended goals. 


Special Requirements:

In most cases, the A&R engagement is required for all new Value Prop Shop clients.